Kaepernick Takes His Show On The Road To Watch These HS Players One-up Him In Stupidity

There’s a plague sweeping across the nation. One that has one washed up football player feeling pretty good about himself. The attention he is getting from his nonsense, is off the charts. (I realize, I’m not helping, but you need to know what’s going on so…)

It’s the Kaepernick Plague. It’s wiping out once respected NFL players and really ruined my Monday night football when I learned the Seahawks were talking a bunch of crazy talk.

Stupid Kaepernick couldn’t leave my team alone!?


Now, you see High School teams, and cheerleaders acting a fool. Pulling a Kaepernick number that should have never gotten an encore. This is when you know stupid has taken over…

Half of American ADULTS don’t understand what Kaepernick is doing or why, how do these kids understand it?

Seriously, they are doing what they do best at that age, jumping on a bandwagon because it’s apparently the ‘new thing’ to do.

Yet, Kaepernick takes pride in it. In fact, so much so that he visited a High School football game in Oakland. You’ll never guess in a million years the kind of stunt they pulled off in HIS honor. Not the honor of what he is claiming to stand for…but in honor of HIM. (which is a lot worse btw…)

Here…instead of telling you, I’ll just show you.

The person who made this instagram post called this moment and action… POWERFUL.

This is a picture of an ungrateful douchebag disrespecting our nation’s warriors who have given their all for his dumb ass to live the high life, and there sprawled out all over the ground like mindless minions are our children… being brain washed by his idiocy.

But they took it a step further… they decided to honor criminals at the same time they were dishonoring actual heroes.

…and there Kaepernick kneels, proud.

Like I said earlier, it’s a plague, and it’s gaining momentum fast. Way to divide and conquer Kaepernick.

…but just in case you forgot. If this division runs so deep that we end up on two separate sides of the nation. Our side has the legal gun owners, military heroes, and first responders. That’s medical, and police officers.

You’ll have the criminals and people who can’t think for themselves.

You going to take care of all of them with your millions that you made because of the people sacrificing for you, that you DON’T stand with?

Good luck man.

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