Anti-American Kaepernick Just Got The Worst News Of His Life From Trump – Look What Just Happened To Him!

The left is still confused on how Donald Trump was elected as president. The theories that the left have used to explain Trump’s win, are almost as absurd as Hillary Clinton saying she is honest.

But, really it is quite simple to understand.

For 8 years under Obama, we were told how terrible we were and that we had to apologize for being Americans. Then on top of it, we had idiots like Colin Kaepernick who’s disrespect for our flag was being praised as free speech. Well, they say what goes around comes around and Kaepernick is still learning that humiliating lesson.

President Trump was speaking in Kentucky when the subject of Kaepernick came up. It has been reported that NFL owners do not want to pick up Kaepernick for their teams. Well, that is not the end of it folks not even by a long shot. Trump then publically humiliated Kaepernick in front of the massive patriotic crowd.

Watch the video here.

It is fantastic to finally have a president who loves our country. President Trump is passionate about making American great again and that starts with respect. Today’s younger generation does not fully appreciate the sacrifices that have been made. In order to be free, there is always a price to pay and that is what the flag represents. Trust me,  I am all for free speech, but what Kaepernick has done is simply disrespectful.

If he has a grievance he can state them like an adult and move on. However, for him to kneel while our anthem is being played is the epitome of childish behavior. I am glad that Trump called his ass out again, and that he still has not found a team to play for. Kaepernick needs to learn some respect for the country that made it possible for him to be a millionaire. Until then, he is out of a job and open to public mockery.

H/T [ ABC, TMZ ]

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