Kelly Grills Texas Official On Transgender Issue, Then Cuts Him Off

"... what if that man looks like a woman?"

Texas Lt. Gov Dan Patrick, who had said he would send the federal order to schools regarding transgender bathroom access “straight to the paper shredder,” found his arguments getting the same treatment Friday night when he appeared on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show.

Patrick began the segment discussing his opposition to the federal order that transgendered students be allowed to select which bathroom they please based upon their gender identity. Patrick widened the discussion to the broader issue of men gaining access to women’s bathrooms with the intent of assaulting girls.

Things then started to get testy.

“Allow men in ladies rooms,” Kelly asked, “or allow trans women in ladies rooms?”

“Pardon?” Patrick said. “What this creates is a great loophole for all the sexual predators and sex offenders.”

Kelly had a different idea in mind and broached it.

“A lot of sex offenders are men who molest men, who molest boys. Why is there an assumption that they need to sneak in the girls room?”

“Well and it could be vice versa,” Patrick answered. “But, Megyn, look, I have four grandchildren and two children. I don’t want my 8-year-old granddaughter walking into a bathroom with a 30-year-old man there. And no one else does. Anyone who has a grandmother, mother or wife, sister, daughter or granddaughter doesn’t want them exposed to that.”

“But what if that man looks like a woman? And she would never know,” Kelly said before Kelly and Patrick took turns interjecting comments.

“Megyn, you’re missing this,” Patrick said.

“I don’t think I’m missing anything,” Kelly said.

“Laws like this would allow any man at any time dressed any way to go into a bathroom,” Patrick said.

“Do you have a big problem with that?” Kelly asked, talking over him.

“Pardon? I’m missing you?”

“Is this a problem with men intentionally donning women’s clothing so they can sneak into the …” Kelly started.

“We will,” Patrick interrupted, “and we will have problems in our schools if we have boys and girls showering together. Megyn, this goes, again, just against common sense and common decency.”

Patrick had more to say, but that was all the audience heard as Kelly ended the interview and moved on to other guests.

At least one viewer objected to how Kelly treated Patrick.

“As if Donald Trump’s supporters didn’t loathe Kelly File host Megyn Kelly enough already, here she is getting into it with Texas’ Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick over his opposition to Obama’s transgender/public school decree,” wrote John S. Roberts on Young Conservatives.

“Um, Megyn? (Whose) side are you on here?” he added. “You’re going to end an interview with a man who opposes King Obama by cutting him off? Not cool.”

h/t: Young Conservatives

Via Western Journalism

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