BOOM: Kellyanne Conway OBLITERATES Liberal ‘Fake News’ Outcry With One Line!

Kellyanne Conway has been a stalwart and loyal supporter of Donald Trump. She has never ceased to defend him, even in his worst moments. She also never runs away from a fight with a media journalist or pundit.

This time, Conway spoke with Robby Mook and Jake Tapper of CNN to talk about President Elect Trump’s win.

Conway emphasized how it was not just a win for the Trumps it is a win for the American people, and a win over the democratic establishment.

Gateway Pundit reported that when confronted with the allegation that Trump won his campaign because of the fake news circulating the internet she would not let that slide. She said,

I think the biggest fake news was that Donald Trump couldn’t win.”

Watch the interaction here,

Liberals have been complaining about fake news being published ever since they lost the election. They wanted an explanation and a person or thing to blame for Hillary Clinton’s failure. So they blamed conservative media outlets for it. Instead of themselves and their campaign

But Conway hit the nail on the head. The mainstream liberal media insisted it was basically a runaway win for the Clinton’s. They shot down the notion that Donald Trump could actually win. All the polls indicated a Hillary win. That is the real fake news.

Because at the end of the day you can not poll people who lie to you and give you the incorrect answers or simply do not answer their phones. So in reality the mainstream liberal media is complicit in the biggest fake news controversy of all. Perpetuated against the President Elect.

But nobody can here the Trump team complaining about such fake news after the win. It is only the Clinton supporters. And because she lost. The truth and the reality hurts the most.

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