Kellyanne Conway Just SCHOOLED The Idiots On ‘CNN over Their LIES To America. They’re SPEECHLESS!

Kellyanne Conway is known for going and doing interviews with media outlets that aren’t exactly friendly to her boss the President Elect. She has appeared on Rachel Maddow, The View, and CNN to name a few. During a recent segment with Anderson Cooper Conway and Cooper got into a massively heated argument you don’t want to miss.

They were discussing the alleged dossier that Russia has on Donald Trump that allegedly has compromising information on him financially and personally. Cooper expressed discontent over the fact that Sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary, was conflating CNNs report they originally got from Buzzfeed. Cooper confronted Conway on it.

Conway maintained vociferously that CNNs screaming headline backed up the Buzzfeed report that was uncertified which she insinuated was as good as publishing it themselves. Cooper was not happy with her for saying that and told her the following,

“I know CNN is feeling the heat today. I think you guys are feeling the heat.”

Cooper insisted that Buzzfeed and CNN are separate entities but Conway is referencing them as if they were the same. Which upset him. He pushed her further for dismissing the claims as inaccurate when nobody knows where her they are true or false.

CNN is not BuzzFeed, I just wish you guys would acknowledge [it].”

At one point Conway even alleged that CNN and Buzzfeed had numerous things in common. She criticized them both for not seeing Trump’s win coming and being utterly biased by every definition imaginable. To which Cooper reprimanded her for not sticking to the subject at hand. Conway shot back that she doesn’t expect CNN to be held accountable as the sources that were initially provided were anonymous and unnamed.

Clearly there is no love lost between these two people. Neither with Donald Trump for that matter either.

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