Kellyanne UNLOADS On Democrats “Where The Hell Were Those Democrats When Veterans Were Dying Waiting For Care?”

Kellyanne Conway is known as the no nonsense senior advisor to the President. She is willing to go into any media network no matter how liberal or conservative. She also isn’t willing to deal with any nonsense and that was certainly the case in one of her recent speaking engagements. Conway appeared on Fox News and railed against Democrats who were outraged over the passage of the recent American Health Care Act.

She said,

“Where the hell were those Democrats – excuse me – when veterans were dying waiting for care? I didn’t see them coming on TV with hosts that just sat there listening to them and their screed when there were veterans dying for care and deserve better.”

Watch here,

Conway referenced the 2014 Veterans Affairs scandal that resulted in Veterans dying waiting in line for their health care. The crushing wait times for help is what resulted in the death of veterans who desperately needed the care. But the President routinely said during the campaign trail that he would make protecting veterans and increasing access to care a top priority.

President Trump already has. He has had dozens of veteran organizations over at the White House and had numerous veterans in the inauguration parade. Late last month in April the President signed an executive order that created the Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection within the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Reforming the administration is a primary policy initiative of the Trump administration. But Democrats continue to catastrophize the healthcare situation despite the fact they did nothing for veterans health care.

In reference to the AHCA Conway also said the following about those who only have negative things to say about it,

“Look, it’s easier to jeer from the cheap seats than come up with a message of your own and be honest about the facts. How did we get here? Why have so many Americans asked for Obamacare to be repealed and replaced? It’s because you have premiums that have increased by 40 percent on average.

You know, saying people are going to die — and the enablers in the mainstream media not calling out those breathless, heartless predictions, and going right on to prognostication for 2018. Why in the world are we talking about who is going to win in 2018 when the duty of the mainstream media, of ‘news reporters’ is to tell you what’s actually in the bill, not to allow others to scare.”

Conway’s message has been clear. Republicans came together to pass the bill and Democrats are livid because they don’t have a good plan or message. It is easier to throw rocks at something that you don’t agree with then to change it and make a difference. Democrats are great at throwing rocks.

Conway also said,

“I think something… we learned yesterday is that this government can function — the House, the Senate, and the White House together. And, I think Democrats are going to be left out because they refused to come on board. They still won’t have the message. They’re wrong. What about the dozen or so Democrats who voted against the bill yesterday in districts that Trump won?

This is the one issue in 2010, 2014 and 2016, that allowed the Republicans to win back the House, the Senate, 938 seats in the state legislatures. That’s why they delivered yesterday without chanting (like the Democrats did).

There’s going to be flexibility to the states. There’s going to be a sustainability and affordability. There’s health savings accounts which lets people control their healthcare spending more. There will be pools. When the Senate gets their hands on it, there could be healthcare across state lines the way that you buy your insurance.”

No matter how hard they try, Democrats can’t change the fact that this health care bill won and it’s going to help the American people like the Affordable Care Act never could. But most importantly it gives power back to the people to make the best healthcare decisions for themselves.

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