Kellyanne Just Made A MAJOR Announcement About Trump’s Cabinet, And We Couldn’t Be More EXCITED!

Interesting news coming out of the world of politics…it appears that President-elect Donald Trump might be considering placing Kellyanne Conway’s husband in a position with his team and new administration. This comes to us from a Bloomberg report.

Kellyanne Conway herself who was Trump’s campaign manager has already received a position to serve in, that of Senior White House Advisor. Now according to this report, George Conway, her husband is being considered for the position of solicitor general.

I’m not going to lie, when I first heard that I had no idea what a solicitor general was .. at all. So I figured maybe I wasn’t the only one and thought I’d tell you what I learned about it.

This is what a Solicitor General is:

“The solicitor general is charged with representing the Executive Branch of the U.S. government in cases before the U.S.Supreme Court. This means that the solicitor and the solicitor’s staff are the chief courtroom lawyers for the government, preparing legal briefs and making oral arguments in the Supreme Court. The solicitor general also decides which cases the United States should appeal from adverse lower-court decisions. Congress established the office of solicitor general in 1870 as part of the legislation creating the Department of Justice. Although early solicitors occasionally handled federal trials, for the most part the solicitor general has concentrated on appeals to the Supreme Court. In this role the solicitor has come to serve the interests of both the executive branch and the Supreme Court.”

The first thing I thought was.. WHOA, this is a big deal type of position, there is no doubt in that. Not knowing much about who Kellyanne Conway’s husband is, I was curious to see what he does currently.

Right now, George Conway is a partner at the Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz law firm. A Senior partner, and from what I found…he’s knows his stuff.

So it appears that being an officer of the U.S. Justice Department who will be representing the federal government in the cases that go before the U.S. Supreme Court might just be the perfect responsibility for him.

However, we all know that this news is going to make democrats flip! They already have complained about him involving family in leadership, now he’s involving family of not just his own, but his people he has appointed to positions in his administration.

Truth be told, this is a formula for either GREAT success or a doorway to corruption found at the end of the road of good intentions… it all depends on the people he chooses.

Good thing that Trump has a great track record of being able to read people well, it has been part of his success, knowing who will be the best for the job. He’s no noob at this…so I’m going to go ahead and trust his instinct.

Besides anything that is going to tick off Hillary and her supporters is almost always what’s best for America. Just saying.

19 more days!!!

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