Pissed Off Kentucky Man’s Truck ILLEGALLY Taken For Ridiculous Reason – Now Look What’s Happening

Gerardo Serrano is a revenge seeking, lawful gun owning, Kentucky Republican whose truck was illegally seized for the most ridiculous reason you can think of.

His truck was seized on September 21st of 2015 as he was driving from Kentucky (where he lives) to Piedras Negras in Mexico. He was yanked out of the truck and border agents searched it and demanded he

He was yanked out of the truck and border agents searched it and demanded he unlock his cell phone. They argued and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents declared that he had no rights where they were. The agents found a small clip with five bullets and declared they were seizing the vehicle – even though Serrano, a legal gun owner, legally owned the bullets and they were not illegal.

The agents found a small clip with five bullets and declared they were seizing the vehicle – even though Serrano, a legal gun owner, legally owned the bullets and they were not illegal.

Gerardo Serrano and his truck (Courtesy of Gerardo Serrano)

Serrano wasn’t charged with a crime or violation. Serrano’s truck was gone, but he was not a criminal. The bullets found in his truck were lawfully owned because Serrano is a lawful gun owner.

Customs seized Serrano’s truck under so called civil asset forfeiture, laws that allow agents to take property from citizens if they’re merely suspected of a crime. Serrano was never charged with a crime, but authorities say no charge is necessary.

The customs agents who seized Serrano’s truck (Courtesy of Gerardo Serrano)

Sounds like a law that can be easily abused. If I was an agent, I could say someone looks like a suspect of a crime and take whatever I want. Get pulled over by me and I’ll take that taco you’re eating and enjoy myself a free lunch. I could say you looked like a suspect and get away with it.

So there he was with no truck, having committed no crime, not charged with anything, and all because of five bullets that he lawfully owned. He was also allegedly taking pictures, possibly while the incident started, and that irritated the agents who prompted him to hand over his phone and provide the passcode to unlock it, but Serrano declined to provide the code. That’s what likely escalated the situation to an arrest without charges, loss of vehicle, and a lawsuit two years later.

The Washington Post had more details on the incident and reported this

According to Serrano’s lawsuit, as he tried to explain himself, one of the agents unlocked Serrano’s door, unbuckled his seat belt, and yanked him out of the car.

“I know I didn’t do anything wrong,” Serrano told The Post. “So I say ‘listen, you can’t yank me out like that, I’m an American, you can’t do that to me.’”

The agent took his phone, and demanded Serrano give him the pass code.

Serrano recalls he told the agent to “go get a warrant.”

By this time, other agents had started searching his truck. “I said, ‘Hey listen I have rights, you’re violating my rights, you’re not supposed to do that kind of stuff,’” Serrano recounted.

“I’m sick of hearing about your rights,” the agent said, according to Serrano’s lawsuit. “You have no rights here.”

Serrano was arrested with no charges, locked in a cell with no food, his truck was taken, and now we’re dealing with some crooked forces of the law. We love and support our police, but if they’re going to jack up and arrest a fellow American Republican who is a legal gun owner, then we need to stop that nonsense.

Serrano is an American being treated horribly for no reason. Why can’t the man have his truck back if there are no charges and nothing was illegal? It doesn’t make sense right?

Well, there is one fact we didn’t tell you. Civilian gun ownership in most parts of Mexico is illegal. But, that doesn’t matter because Serrano was not arrested in Mexico. Also, Serrano didn’t have a gun on him or in his truck. He left his gun at home. He only had the small clip with five bullets, which maybe he forgot to remove from the truck. Either way, he wasn’t in Mexico with a gun nor was he illegally possessing ammunition. Literally, nothing to be charged with.

What’s Serrano to do now? Now he’s suing to get his truck back. That’s exactly what he should do. His truck should be returned and he should be compensated for whatever costs he accrued for transportation for the duration of the time that his vehicle was taken for no reason. That would make things right. That’s a fair decision. That’s all he should be given.

When cops shoot criminals and an investigation happens, then it’s discovered that the criminal actually did something wrong that put the cops in danger, then that’s OK.

Serrano wasn’t shot, but he was arrested for literally no reason. He was out of a truck for two years for no reason. He was taken advantage of by some agents who give the rest of the force a bad name.

We need our boys at the border to take control and be responsible. They have the entire world watching them right now thanks to the liberals disliking any sniff of immigration reform or policy changes.

We need to step up our game and be on top of things at all times. No games, just business. Our police and agents are some of the best people in the world, but one slip-up can throw that reputation into a downward spiral. They’re already dealing with enough generic made up drama from groups like Black Lives Matter and some hardcore radicalized liberals. It’s best to not give them any reason to complain. Be the best and stay on top of the game.

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