Keystone XL Passes Obama’s Climate Test

President Obama Speaks At Southern Site Of The Keystone Oil Pipeline

The green energy movement destroyed our economy. This liberal progressive green energy movement started from the ultimate fraudulent myth of Al Gores global warming agenda. Neither movements are about energy independence nor protecting the environment. It’s nothing more than a business strategy for controlling the population into a belief that citizens should vote democrat so the earth will survive.

Climate change is real. Planet Earth goes through cycles of climate change. Al Gores global warming is a theory and mostly myth. Obama’s green energy movement is a fantasy. The only reality is that it fails at all levels.

Obama is “driving this country from a reliable low-cost power grid to enormous electric power costs for absolutely no environmental benefit whatsoever,” Murray said.

Obama’s war on coal will double electric rates. The low cost from reliable power grids will be over. Obama’s green energy agenda derived from a global warming theory. A failed policy from a million dollar theoretical myth. Obama’s very expensive electrical power costs will no have any environmental values.

The Keystone XL pipeline passed Obama’s climate test at every level. The U.S. State Department found there will be no negligible impact on the environment. IHS CERA found there will be no impact on greenhouse emissions.

images (7)“It will be definitely wrong to highlight [oil sands] as a major source of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide” -Fatih Birol, chief economist of the International energy agency

“The carbon emissions produced by oil that would be moved into the Keystone XL pipeline would amount to less than 1 percent of United States greenhouse gas emissions, and an infinitesimal slice of the global total.” -The New York Times

Economic freedom is limited by Obama’s Energy Department. Keystone XL pipeline has been delayed by the Obama Regime for political purposes. Liberals push for solar energy. Solar energy is a failure. This does not stop Obama from wasting millions to find solar energy projects, which all fail to proves it worth.

Obama’s energy agenda is anti energy. The cost of energy is rising because the lack of substantial revenue is increasing annual deficits towards the overall national debt crisis. Why is the Obama Regime obstructing private business in the first place? It’s our private sectors capitalism which bring economic growth and reduces unemployment. Obama’s collectivist preaching to his voter base and promoting welfare does not create jobs or boost our economy.

Oil is not bad for the Earth. Worried about an oil spill? So what, it will just go back to where it came from. There would be no harm to the Earth if an oil spill ever occurred. Anti-Keystone pipeline liberals say the Canadian oil will be going to China. This is correct. Now here comes the part where these liberals have no understanding of economics. The more oil that Canada ships to China, the more wealth is created for Americans. Trade creates wealth for everybody.

It’s time for the Keystone XL be in full operating capacity. The private sector should have freedom to create jobs and bring Americans wealth. Obama regime should stop raping our free market. Have you seen the National Debt lately? Our children’s future are vanishing away because of liberal progressives and their incomprehension of business and capitalism.


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