KFC Employee Bragged About Spitting In Cop’s Food, But What The Manager Does Was Just As Bad!

When a police officer comes through a restaurant’s drive-thru window, you might think that the employee would say thank you for putting his life on the line every day to keep us all safe. But a KFC employee in Franklin County, Missouri had something else in mind. When the Franklin County deputy came through the drive-thru line, he heard the employee say that he was going to spit in the officer’s food.

The original Facebook post describing an incident between a cop and a KFC employee. (Credit: KMOV)
The original Facebook post describing an incident between a cop and a KFC employee. (Credit: KMOV)

Franklin County has been known as the “meth capital of the world”, and deputies have been fighting back, shutting down meth labs so much that even national news organizations have taken notice. Thanks to their efforts, meth production and usage has plummeted. This should be something to celebrate, but this employee apparently didn’t think so.

After hearing the employee’s threat, the officer chose not to order any food, and instead went inside to alert the manager to the employee’s unprofessional conduct. And instead of making the situation better, the manager just made it worse.

The manager responded by stating the employee in question would not be the one preparing his food, but also did not offer any apology. The manager hardly showed any compassion for her customer, much less a deputy sworn to protect their establishment.

Local media source, KMOV in St Louis, received the following statement from KFC: “KFC’s policy is to treat everyone fairly, equally and with respect, and we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Upon learning of this incident, the franchisee who owns the restaurant conducted an immediate and thorough investigation, and the employee was terminated.

There was never an apology issued — not from the employee, or the manager, or from KFC’s corporate office. The employee deserved to be fired, but the officer also should have been given an apology. KFC had an opportunity to do the right thing here, and instead, did the bare minimum. They should have shown respect, appreciation, and gratitude to not only the deputies of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, but to police officers everywhere. By letting this kind of behavior go by without even bothering to give an apology, it gives the impression that they don’t find this to be all that objectionable. If you disagree, and think that KFC owes police an apology, then let them know on Facebook.

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