KFC Just Posted a Sign That Has Black Lives Matter Ready To RIOT again!

Our Police Officers are being treated poorly thanks to the Black Lives Matters movement. In businesses across the country there have been reports of min. wage workers harassing police:

KFC Employee Bragged About Spitting In Cop’s Food, But What The Manager Does Was Just As Bad!

Employee At Baton Rouge Mexican Restaurant Accused Of Spitting In Police Officers’ Drinks

North Carolina Deputies Harassed, Served Tampered Food At Fast Food Restaurant…

Walmart Makes Outrageous Move After Cashier Refuses to Check Out Cop

Black Lives Matters protesters are celebrating those stories which just makes my heart sick to read them. But do you want to know how to make a Black Lives Matter protester angry? Be nice to a Police Officer. Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Gallipolis, Ohio is doing just that in the coolest way ever! As soon as they posted it customers began taking pictures of the sign and it has since gone viral.

eat free

The photo was initially posted on the Facebook page called Ohio Going Blue, after someone in the Gallipolis Police Department shared the good news. Providing a free meal to uniformed police officers is a wonderful idea and proves that they’re still respected by many people across the nation, regardless of what the Black Lives Matter movement is ranting over. Also, it’s safe to assume that this restaurant will never be robbed or burned to the ground.

Commenters on the post love the sign and what it means for police officers. “Awesome!! I knew I always loved KFC,” one commenter said. While another pointed out exactly what many people were thinking, “Should be nationwide in all restaurants.”

What are some ways you can think of to fight the Black Lives Matters movement culture of disrespecting Police Officers? The easiest way is to find a Police Officer and tell them ‘Thank You’ for giving up so much for their community.

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