Kid Rock Just Had BIG Victory In Run For Senator – Liberals About To Riot Over What’s Happening

Over the last year, there has been political revolution taking place in our country and it is only about to get bigger. When Donald Trump won the election last November, it sent a clear message to the elites in Washington that the American people were sick of their horrible policies. Now, Kid Rock has announced that he may run for Senate in his home state of Michigan, and of course, the left is losing what’s left of their minds. In the past, many people would fluff off a Kid Rock political run as a joke and not take it seriously. However, it appears that Kid Rock is already winning and the liberals are freaking out in a big way.

The American people are sick and tired of the same old politics as usual and are now making their voices heard. No longer are conservatives sitting back and allowing these liberal Democrats and spineless Republicans ruin our country, and finally, are pushing back. Enter into the political arena Donald Trump who stunned the political establishment when he destroyed the Democratic party leaving it in shambles. If that was not a big enough blow to their already fragile snowflake ego’s Kid Rock has decided to throw his hat into the ring as well.

Kid Rock has a real chance of winning the Senate race in Michigan and the left is aware of that. Let us break this down, shall we?

For instance, Kid Rock is from Michigan and for years has created an image of how bad ass his home state really is. Kid Rock has celebrated the blue collar worker that made Detroit, Michigan the epicenter of the automotive industry. He also rails against the establishment that destroyed this great city with its liberal policies and shipping jobs overseas. This is a clear message that resonates with voters and if you don’t believe me just take a look at President Donald J. Trump.

If Kid Rock follows Donald Trump’s recipe for success he will be a shoo-in for Senate. First off, Kid Rock is already going to be given a ton a media coverage considering he is a celebrity. The media will follow Kid Rock around like a puppy dog on a leash waiting for crumbs to eat. No matter what Kid Rock does he will be covered which will give him the press coverage he needs without the work. If Kid Rock also runs a successful social media campaign he will gain followers just for being himself and not putting on any airs.

Not only that, but the big pink elephant in the room is that Kid Rock is running in a divided GOP. Since Donald Trump was elected these turncoats within the party have been doing all they can to thwart Trump’s success. The American people are sick of it and are ready to vote in fresh blood to make sure that Trump is able to fulfill his promises.

Here is more from The Federalist:

Democrats and Independents are allowed to vote in the Republican primary. Kid Rock would be uniquely suited (again, similar to Trump) to get unaffiliated voters to come into the primary and vote for him. In a general against Stabenow, he would be able to draw the kind of disaffected working-class voters who propelled Trump to the White House to come out and vote. In a low turnout mid-term election, that’s huge—even more so than in a presidential, when turnout is higher anyway.

Southeast Michigan: In Michigan, the way a Republican wins is to run up the score outstate, not get killed in the city of Detroit, hold his or her own among Reagan Democrats in Macomb, and win Republican-leaning Oakland County. Kid Rock would be perfectly suited to do this. Not only would he drive up massive margins outstate as he brought new voters into the process, but the Democrat stronghold of Detroit is his natural base. Kid Rock starts out with an advantage in the Detroit area that literally no other Republican has ever enjoyed. He is a matchup nightmare for Stabenow and I promise you, she knows it.

Fundraising: Kid Rock is worth somewhere between $80 and $120 million. Similar to Trump, he could self-fund his campaign, but would also raise an ocean of small-dollar money from Republicans around the country.

He’d be able to run a totally asymmetrical campaign: Because Kid Rock is not expected to be like other candidates—in fact, he’s affirmatively expected to not be like other candidates—his TV ads could be completely unlike anything we’ve ever seen in American politics. (Explosions, hot chicks, GM trucks with the biggest tires devised by man, American flags, bald eagles: nothing is off the table here.) In fact, embracing how different he is might be the key to his candidacy.

Kid Rock is a household name and that will be a hard to beat since he is also already very likable. Many people on the left and right are realizing that Senator Kid Rock could very well be a reality and are taking notice.

Get ready America, cause it looks like we are about to rock n’ roll. 

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