Kid Rock Just Released His NEW Trump Clothing Line And Its The MOST American Thing EVER!

Throughout the entire election chaos Kid Rock has been a voice of reason from Hollywood. One of the very FEW voices of reason. Not because there are no conservative celebrities, but because there are a lot of celebrity conservatives that are ‘in the closet’ ….

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As for Kid Rock… The guy REALLY does rock, because he is unafraid to speak the truth and speaks it quite loudly, and proudly. For example his most recent show of patriotism has caught the eye of many Americans.

The rock star has managed to trigger every ‘safe place’ liberal across America by putting a whole line of clothing up for sale. Clothing that celebrates President-elect Donald Trump and his AWESOME victory over the left, the media, AND the GOP!

It’s available for purchase at his own Warner Brothers Records web store. He is selling shirts and hats and all include a hilarious “microaggressive” saying including “God Guns & Trump” printed in red, white and blue.

WARNING: It’s Kid Rock, so some of the gear he’s selling does include colorful language.

The one piece of clothing however that has caught most attention is a T-shirt that depicts the 2016 electoral map. It’s HILARIOUS, and one you’ve got to check out…

So here…


I bet you enjoyed that message, who could disagree? Other than the cry baby triggered keyboard warrior liberals, who took to Twitter to slam Kid Rock …. of course.

They seem to think that Kid is an ‘awful’ man who likes to glorify ‘hate and ignorance’…. whatevs.

“Why don’t you start selling KKK hoods too?” asked one especially sensitive little cupcake.


Sorry liberals, you don’t understand how capitalism works, so…work on that, then we can talk.

As for the legendary rocker, we all know he was a huge supporter for Donald Trump, he’s never been shy about it from the very beginning.

“I’m digging Trump,” he said during an interview with Rolling Stone at the beginning of the year. “I feel like a lot of people, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, feel like if you get Hillary or Bernie, or you get Rubio or Cruz or whoever, there’s going to be the same s***.”

“My feeling: Let the motherf***ing business guy run it like a f***ing business,” he added.

Trigger, trigger, trigger….

Boy they are popping off like crazy now.


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