Kids Keep Flashing This Hand Sign In Pics With Trump — Now We Know Why People Are FURIOUS About It

Kids Keep Flashing This Hand Sign In Pics With Trump — Now We Know Why People Are FURIOUS About It

Our approachable President is never one to turn down a request for a picture with anyone who asks for one. He’s a leader of and for the people and has proved that with the incredible way he interacts with the public. After so many selfies and photos taken with strangers, people began to notice a repeat trend among the youngest supporters, in a hand sign that keeps popping up in pictures. Now we know the meaning behind it that’s infuriating a lot of people in this country.

As Freedom Daily reported earlier today, President Trump surprised a large group of fifth graders who were on a tour of the White House, when he popped around the corner to welcome them. He called one lucky little boy out of the group at random and asked him to come to the front where he chatted with him about his day and gave him several hugs. Aware that cameras were capturing every second of this endearing interaction, the boy flashed what some liberals recognized as a familiar sign and were royally irate about what they said it was. However, they were wrong as usual, and now we know the really awesome meaning behind it.

Rather than focusing on the sweet moment that our leader took time from his busy day to do, liberals had to sour the exposure with something truly disgusting. It’s no surprise that they can’t just let a positive thing be good, but to criticize a child to push their sick rhetoric is unacceptable. That’s what liberals did when they called the sign this youg Trump fan made a “creepy alt right racist Pepe OK sign.” It’s also not the first time they’ve seen it, which only added to their sick assumption.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, and the site’s White House Correspondent, Lucian Wintrich, were apparently to blame for this trend, which meant something much different than what liberals said it did. Using their same tired go-to claim of racism, anti-Trump liberals blasted this 5th grader and the political pundits for flashing what they alleged to be a hate speech sign when in fact it means just the opposite.

“The hand movement bears a striking similarity to one that has often been made by the ultimate Trump meme warrior, Pepe the Frog,” Mediaite reported.

Although this news left-leaning news outlet admitted that the same symbol meant “Okay” during “simpler” times, they refused to believe that’s what it still means. Gateway Pundit said that they use it in pictures to say “A-OK,” perhaps to mean that America is okay again with Trump in charge or all is well. This is a positive thing, but liberals had to twist it in their own perverse way and use a picture of a (clearly smart) kid to do it and spoil an incredible moment in the White House today.

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