Killed Cop’s Wife Sent To White House To Be Honored By Trump, Pissed Off Dems Send In Illegal Army To Destroy Her Day

Donald Trump has not been shy about his love and support for the military and law enforcement community. Something that was sorely lacking in the last administration. He invited numerous organizations of theirs to the inauguration and later to the White House.

Now he has invited Elizabeth Snyder to his speech before the joint session of Congress. She is the wife of the deceased St. Louis County police officers Blake Snyder. Snyder was thirty-three years old when he passed away. He was murdered by eighteen-year-old Trenton Foster.

Snyder responded to a disturbance call on the air back in October. He was hit in the chin and did not even make it to the hospital. As soon as he arrived he was pronounced dead. The suspect was charged with felony first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

Snyders wife posted on a Facebook about her invitation and intention on showing up for the joint session. She said,

The purpose of the joint session is to address policy goals of his administration. But it is not a State of the Union. Everyone is looking forward to hearing what the President has to say and what he has in store in the coming months.

But unlike the President, the Democratic members of Congress invited illegal immigrants to attend the joint session. People who are not even American citizens. Instead of taking the opportunity to glorify and bring a spotlight to real heroes they have politicized this event as they always do.

It is completely embarrassing that our lawmakers would rather make a social statement than stand by true American values. They are more concerned about making it on television than they are about what is the right thing to do by American citizens. That is their biggest struggle.


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