KILLER BACON: Woman convicted of firing gun into drive-thru window over missing bacon on burger


This is a community problem, thug life is acceptable, and even praised. Our country is raising hoodlums at an astonishing rate.

From The Smoking Gun: A jury today found a Michigan woman guilty of firing a shot into a McDonald’s drive-thru window after employees failed to put bacon on a cheeseburger she ordered.

Shaneka Monique Torres, 30, was convicted of a felony firearms charge after only an hour of deliberations by the panel. Torres, seen at right, faces a minimum of two years in state prison when she is sentenced next month.

Torres fired a single shot into the McDonald’s at 3:10 AM last February 10 ,according to Grand Rapids police. The gunplay came after Torres and another woman “complained that the order was incorrect,” cops noted.

When a McDonald’s employee walked away from the drive-thru window, “one shot was fired from the suspect vehicle,” reported police, who added that the bullet entered the eatery at “head level” and “traveled through the window, across the dining room, and exited the restaurant through another window on the east side of the restaurant.”

Shortly after the shooting–which did not result in any injuries–cops located Torres and recovered the 9mm Glock handgun used during the bacon rage incident.

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