Killer Thugs Wet Their Beds After BADASS Judge Gets Done With Them — Not So Tough NOW!

Three teens were arrested and denied bond when a judge slapped them with a dose of hard American justice.

Two of the teens showed fear for their future in prison as they broke down in tears, but the third suspect didn’t seem to care much. To top it off, there’s still a reported two other suspects on the loose.

The three teens were arrested as a result of a break in that turned into an extremely grisly execution style murder. This is the kind of crime you see in horror films or gang movies. Doesn’t seem like this wasn’t an accident, but more like a premeditated murder with possible evidence pointing to conspiracy charges.


Members of the suspects family and friends spoke on behalf of the criminals. Remember folks, this was an execution murder, not something in self defense.

America Now reports – “Jacob’s my best friend, I know what he did was wrong, I completely understand that, but he’s not a bad person,” the sister of 17-year-old suspect Jacob Mouzon told the judge.Jacob, along with 18-year-old Drake Campbell and 25-year-old Kenneth Campbell — and two others who remain on the loose — were responsible for the shooting death of 27-year-old Kadeem Johnson, who was found in his home. He was bound and forced to his knees while the suspects burglarized his home, and was shot execution style, WCIV reported.

 “I would like to apologize to the family for my son,” Jacob’s mother said at the bond hearing. “He’s not a horrible person like everybody thinks, and our family is in shock.” Jacob was said to have plans to join the National Guard, and Drake had recently joined the Navy.

“These are not awful terrible kids,” a family member said.

I feel bad saying this, but maybe these folks don’t know their people too well. They just murdered someone execution style. That’s straight up cold blooded. They may shed tears in court, but the family of the person they killed will cry forever.

Not fair, is it,

I can only justify an execution if the person killed is a murderer, rapist, pedophile, or something along those lines. That decision comes from the legal system, not from us.

Doesn’t seem like these guys had a good reason to execute someone, so they’ll probably spend 20 to life behind bars.

What a terrible way to spend the prime years of your life – bent over in a shower, behind bars and concrete, and no future.

There’s no justification in this.

Play stupid games and win stupid prizes?

That’s no way to live your life or treat your anus.


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