KILLER TOYS: 7 Year-Old Expelled For Bringing ‘Deadly’ NERF Water Gun To School

Apparently “gun free zones” now apply to toy guns too.

For the generation of our parents and theirs, it would take getting into a fight to get yourself suspended. Today, bringing toys to school will get you kicked out – and for a ridiculous amount of time.

EAGNews reports:

Douglass Park Elementary second-grader Josiah Green missed more than a month of school this year because he brought two guns to class, one a squirt gun and the other a Nerf gun.

The “weapons” were brightly colored and do not resemble a real gun to anyone with common sense.

The boy’s mother, Audreyann Davis, told WAVY that Green was initially suspended for 10 days when he was busted with one of the toy guns during his physical education class, though he did not point it at anyone or make any sort of threats. School officials are now considering expelling the 7-year-old, she said.

“I was emotional and shocked, like is this really happening, because he’s 7 years old,” Davis said. “I understand, ok he’s suspended, but now you’re throwing that he could be expelled on the table.”

The world hasn’t gone completely mad however, as “About 87 percent of folks who voted on the WAVY Facebook page about the incident believe it was an innocent mistake, while a mere 13 percent believe the zero tolerance approach is appropriate.”

Still, I suppose we’ve made some progress from when a gun-shaped pop-tart got a kid suspended.

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