Kim Jong-Un Just Crawled Out Of His Hiding Space To Surrender To Trump – Here’s Shocking Reason Why

America and its allies sealed another victory as North Korea backs down from threatening to fire missiles at Guam, a territory of the United States. Kim Jong-un had previously warned Guam that North Korea was ready to bomb them if the United States persisted with “arrogant provocations” or “unilateral demands” that didn’t meet the needs of North Korea.

After a battle of the Tweets ensued between leaders, the attack was cancelled and no one was bombed. That’s a victory for USA and especially for the residents of Guam who are seemingly caught in the middle of the most ridiculous d*ck measuring contest we’ve ever seen – all caught on Twitter.

We went from this: “If the Yankees persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions on the Korean Peninsula and in its vicinity, testing the self-restraint of the DPRK, the [North] will make an important decision as it already declared,” he said., to this: North Korea’s decision to back down is a major victory for the United States, as it was achieved — apparently — with no concessions to the regime, and after a sustained “Twitter war” of words with President Donald Trump.

I’m not sure what’s more mind-bending – the Twitter war or the real war? I’d like to see Trump and Jong-un square off in a boxing match and share a Martini afterward. Actually, no. I take that back. Trump doesn’t imbibe and sharing one would be too liberal for anyone to handle. What’s next, they’re using the women’s bathroom? No thanks. Not for me.

Just before North Korea quit the third world war and chickened out of blowing up Guam, Trump was getting hounded by politicians from every angle.

Leftists, rightist, centrists – everyone trashed the President for his verbiage on Twitter that seemed to escalate the situation and push FOR a war. Trump merely sent warnings, via Twitter, and the North Korean dictator pulled his regime out of a situation which literally would’ve begun World War III. The only thing that would’ve came out of this would be tons of lost lives and a new Call of Duty game five years later that would be just as bad as the rest of their games.

Imagine seeing this launch towards you. Look at the little man in the bunker go boom!

Trump was roundly criticized by politicians from both parties and by the media for his responses to North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launches, and to news that the regime could miniaturize a nuclear warhead. Trump threatened “fire and fury” and declared that U.S. military plans were “locked and loaded.” His critics, including former Obama administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice, accused him of escalating the situation. Rice even suggested appeasement: “[W]e can, if we must, tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea.”

Upon receiving the criticism from politicians, Rice suggested toleration of nuclear weapons in North Korea, giving in to them. I was under the impression that nuclear weapons were banned around the world, but I could be incorrect on that (fact check please). IF nuclear weapons are banned, or simply not tolerated, then why would anyone from the United States suggest that we allow North Korea to have them if no one else does? I’m sure everyone has nukes hiding in their military base or some secret location. We would be silly to think that people don’t have weapons of mass destruction hiding somewhere. If World War three ever happened, then you know darn right that whoever has the best weaponry is going to prevail, so it only makes sense that we assume everyone has nukes hiding in their back yard. Of course, no one ever wants to get to that point because there’s simply no reason for any of us to go to a massive war like that. We’re better off having our Twitter wars than having a real war.

Things take a funny twist when various media outlets begin stating that Kim Jong-un is behaving better than President Trump. People have long criticized Jong-un’s dictatorship, especially when Otto Warmbier was sentenced to many years of hard labor for stealing a poster/sign, then was eventually sent home on the brink of his last breath. All that for stealing a sign/poster? People couldn’t believe he didn’t get a few lashes with a cane and sent packing on his way home. Scars from a caning would’ve prevented him from ever stealing again and would’ve been an acceptable punishment for the crime. What they did to him was some third world and pre-historic punishment that was completely unfitting for the crime. It was downright inhumane.

However, Trump’s method of one-upping Kim Jong-un’s belligerent rhetoric seems to have worked, as Trump cast himself as even more unpredictable than the infamously impetuous tyrant. He also pressured China diplomatically to squeeze North Korea, which also worked: the Chinese suggested last week that they would not defend North Korea if it attacked the U.S., as long as the anticipated U.S. retaliation did not actually try to end the regime itself.

Perhaps once the Chinese stepped away from backing up the North Koreans is when Jong-un pulled out. I don’t think he’s stepping back for good. I think he’s realigning his team and will Tweet back when he’s ready for another round of verbal war with President Trump. Remember folks, Jong-un is a chess player. He will be back with something new in mind. Trump needs to keep himself on point and perhaps only Tweet if needed.

On a side note – can you imagine being the owner of Twitter and have world leaders battling on your platform. That is seriously cool, although Twitter’s lack of respect for Conservatives ruins it for me. More on that another day.

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