KNIFE JIHAD: Faisal Mohammad identified as Muslim who went on ‘smiling’ stabbing spree at California University


via Pamela Gellar: The knife jihad comes to America — like the knife attacks on Jews in Israel, and on hundreds of Chinese commuters by Chinese Muslims (Uighurs), secular bloggers and writers in Bangladesh, yesterday’s knife attack on tourists in Morocco. It is a new wave of terror.

What’s Obama going to do – call for ‘knife control’? Import millions more of these devout savages?


“Freshman Faisal Mohammad identified as man who went on ‘smiling’ stabbing spree that injured four at California college,” Daily Mail, November 5, 2015

Student from Santa Clara, 18, went on the rampage at UC Merced
The attack happened shortly before 8am PT at the Sacramento campus
He shot dead by police before 9.30am, officials confirmed
Four people stabbed were two students, a staff member and a vendor
Campus officials had earlier reported that five students had been stabbed
His roommate said he was anti-social and didn’t talk to anyone

A student who stabbed four people inside a classroom at the University of California, Merced, before he was killed by police has been identified.

Faisal Mohammad, a freshman from Santa Clara who majored in computer science and engineering, was shot dead by officers after his violent rampage on Wednesday morning.

The FBI are now trying to figure out the motives of the 18-year-old, who was living in an on-campus dorm, the Merced Sun Star reported.

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Price, 31, said the suspect lunged at him when he entered the classroom after hearing sounds of a fight. He received nine staples after being stabbed in his left side (pictured right)

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University of California, Merced Chancellor Dorothy Leland addresses the media during a press conference with UC Merced Police Chief Albert Vasquez (left) and Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke (right)

‘I just kind of kicked at him,’ Price added. ‘It was a really big knife and he was swinging it down so I figured if I was on the ground and my feet were at him, he could get my legs and not my body. And it turned out, it worked.’

The father-of-four said after he was wounded, he saw the attacker go on to stab others.

And he also revealed that he actually drove himself to hospital after being stabbed and received nine staples. He is now home with his children and fiancée.

Sheriff Warnke said the contractor had rushed into a classroom and intervened as one male student was stabbing another.

Warnke says the contractor himself was wounded, but that his actions probably prevented the student being attacked from being injured more seriously.

He says the alleged assailant then fled down two flights of stairs and outside, where he stabbed a female student and a female staff member.

The suspect was then shot and killed by police about 35 or 40 yards away from the classroom.

Campus Police Chief Albert Vasquez says the attack started inside a classroom and that more victims were wounded as the armed suspect fled.

Vasquez says two campus police officers saw the suspect outside and shot him as he turned toward them.


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