You Know It’s Bad When The NY Times Post This on Their FRONT PAGE About Hillary!

Does anyone voting for Hillary Clinton even want to vote for her?

It’s a rare occasion that I see a Hillary 2016 sign on someone’s lawn, and when I meet someone voting for Hillary, more often than not they’re voting for Hilary because they dislike Trump just slightly more.

The enthusiasm gap between the candidates is no more visible than in their crowd sizes. Here are the statistics on the rally attendance for Trump and Hillary over the past three months.


As you can see, while Trump had slightly more than twice as many rallies, he’s attracted over 25 times as many people to his rallies. That’s an incredible disparity, and you have to realize that in many cases, Hillary’s rallies are loaded with journalists…. and apparently even anti-Hillary individuals.

That was no more apparent than on the cover of the New York Times – which couldn’t seem to find a single picture of the rally without more Trump supporters in the shot than Hillary. As the Gateway Pundit reported:

The New York Times features a photo of Hillary Clinton being welcomed to an early voting site in Pompano Beach, Florida on Sunday…
Surrounded by screaming TRUMP supporters!

You know the wheels are falling off your crooked campaign when the far left NY Times publishes this—


For the record the Florida protesters were shouting, “Lock her up!” when Hillary arrived.

The Times is in the tank for Hillary, so it speaks volumes when this manages to get on the front cover of their magazine. Essentially, it must mean that they couldn’t find a single image without protestors – or else they would’ve used those instead.

Michael Moore said that a Trump victory would be the “biggest f**k you to the media in history” – and I’d like to make that a reality. Get out to the polls next week and let’s end Hillary’s political career once and for all.

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