Known Muslim Terrorist Caught Being Smuggled Across US-Mexico Border in Trunk of Car


From Controversial Times:  U.S. Border Patrol agents got a surprise after searching the trunk of a Mexican BMW and finding a radical Muslim cleric curled up in the trunk, hoping to cross into the United States and spread his message.

Said Jaziri has already been banned from Canada and France and is perhaps best known as the imam who issued a fatwa against Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard for drawings of Mohammed.

In Quebec’s large Muslim community, Jaziri stood out for his outspoken views, and drew massive media attention for his literal interpretation of the Koran. Jaziri labeled homosexuality a sin and pushed for government subsidies to build a large mosque for Montreal’s growing Muslim population.

According to court documents, Jaziri paid a Tijuana-based smuggling cartel $5,000 to get him across the border near Tacate, saying he wanted to be taken to “a safe place anywhere in the U.S.”

A guide led Jaziri and an unknown Mexican citizen over the border fence near Tecate and trekked across rugged terrain under the cover of darkness to a spot popular for drivers who pick up illegals and drive them the rest of the way into San Diego.

Kenneth Robert Lawler picked up the radical cleric for the run into California. Border Patrol agents, alerted by firefighters who saw the two immigrants get into the car’s trunk, pulled the driver over near the Golden Acorn Casino about 50 miles east of San Diego and took Lawler into custody.

Jaziri is being held without bail as a material witness to the case against Lawler.

Officials say Jaziri flow from Africa to Europe, then on to Central America before finally taking a plane to Chetumal, Mexico, on the border with Belize. From there he took a bus to Tijuana and met up with the smuggling cartel.


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