Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer believes that Tuesday’s midterm election is a “referendum on Obama’s hyper-liberalism,” and the results of an “incompetent” and “overreaching government.”

Discussing the 2014 election on “The Kelly File” Monday night Krauthammer also remarked that the election is “liberalism on trial,” with the White House surely to say the election is a national referendum on Obama and “Obamaism” if the Democrats come out victorious and hold onto the Senate.

Krauthammer: Well, it is. I mean, this is a referendum on Obama’s hyper-liberalism. In 2010 it was sort of aspirational. It was in legislation but hadn’t been enacted yet. Well now we are six years in and we see the results of Obamacare. We see the results of the stimulus, the worst recovery since the second world war. We see the results of this kind of overreaching government, which at the same time is incompetent. I don’t have to go through all the scandals, all the failures abroad and at home and this isn’t only the party in government. This is the party of government.

This is liberalism on trial. I can assure you that if the Democrats pull off a miracle and do well tomorrow night, Josh Earnest is going to be up there on the podium on Wednesday saying of course this was a national referendum on Obama and Obamaism. You say it isn’t if you know you’re going to lose.

Courtesy of The Daily Caller

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