Krauthammer: Netanyahu’s ‘Extraordinary’ Speech Before Congress Reminiscent of Winston Churchill


Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer said on Tuesday that the primary objective of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his speech before a joint session of Congress was to demonstrate that Israel has the backing of Congress, should it decide to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities:

“I thought that was an extraordinary speech and it had two very sharp messages. The first was … what the Israelis think is utterly intolerable is the sunset clause.

And that is the idea that after about 10 years, with all restrictions removed [and] the sanctions lifted … they would have unlimited ability to develop uranium enrichment, which is something no country is allowed, not even for example, our ally South Korea, is allowed that.

[T]he second thing he said was … if we have to, we will act alone. Meaning, he is telling the Congress, if this deal is enacted or if it begins to go through, we reserve the right to attack Iran on our own.”

Krauthammer described Netanyahu’s speech as reminiscent of Winston Churchill:

“In a way, it was Churchillian. Not in delivery; it was not up to Bibi’s norm. But in the sonorousness and seriousness of what he said. And it was not Churchill of the ’40s, this was the desperate Churchill of the ’30s.

This was a speech of extraordinary power, but great desperation.”

In contrast, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said on Tuesday that Netanyahu “walked into the legislative chamber and tried to take over U.S. foreign policy.”

Either way, in advance of his Congressional speech, the Prime Minister contextualized Israel’s position in an address before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC):

“American leaders worry about the security of their country. Israeli leaders worry about the survival of their country.”

Politics aside, does Bibi Netanyahu have a valid argument?

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