Krauthammer: UNLOADS on Obama, Reduces Him To NOTHING, He’s A “Parenthesis In American History” (VIDEO)

Buh-bye Obama… Obama who? You know the guy who was President before Donald Trump… oh yeah! The President who has only one legacy- First Black President who played lots of golf and vacationed in Hawaii on the taxpayer’s dime. Obama is toast, toast, toast. All of the illegal actions he has taken the past 8 years were suppose to be protected by a Hillary Clinton Presidency but THAT is no longer going to happen. America has a fighting chance to get out from under Obama’s stifling socialism. Megyn Kelly File had pundit Charles Krauthammer on this week who puts it better than anybody:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Obama’s legacy is toast. Obama’s legacy is gone. Which explains why he’s so desperately, and unusually in American history, campaigned so roughly against Donald Trump. He knew that so much of his accomplishments had been built on ramming stuff through the House and the Senate with very little consensus, in fact none on Obamacare coming from the Republicans, on executive orders that are reversible with the stroke of a pen, on regulation that is easily reversible, that it collapses if and when his successor turns out to be a Republican. And that’s what happened.

And I think he’s going to end up as a parenthesis in American history in the sense that he thought when we came into office, he thought he was the Ronald Reagan of the left, meaning Reagan came in, he changed the ideological trajectory of the country, he turned it into a conservative country where that was the underlying consensus. Obama thought he was going to change all of that and begin a liberal ascendancy the way that Reagan began a conservative ascendancy. Well, it did not turn out that way. The country rejected his policies.

Remember what Obama said when he was campaigning, I’m not on the ballot but my legacy is on the ballot. It was on the ballot and the country has rejected it. The idea that he would be the beginner of a new liberal ascendancy is now dead and Obama I think understands that very well.

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