LA Times Polster Defends Extraordinary Poll Showing Trump Landslide

The LA Times-USC Dornsife poll has Donald Trump leading in the polls and have for the past several days. Their are no indications this will wane over time. Of course the pollster has been receiving flack for his results because the liberals do not want to accept he can be winning. But he is defending himself saying that this is by far one of the most accurate polls since President Obama’s win in 2012.

Megyn Kelly spoke about it on her Fox News segment show.

“David Lauter: It’s a balanced mix weighted to be representative of the population as a whole…

Megyn Kelly: How confident are you because of course your poll is an outlier?

David Lauter: Well, of course, we don’t have a crystal ball so you never really know. But this group at USC that is doing a poll with us they did the same technique four years ago and they produced a very accurate poll. They were one of the only polls that got President Obama’s reelection margin right. So we think they’re doing a good job.”

Watch here,

The poll has Donald Trump winning by four percent over Hillary Clinton. Three thousand people were polled. Lauter said that the polling sample was a balanced mixed of Democrat’s and Republican’s and specifically picked to be representative of the population. Which in polling is supposed to give a better idea of how people would actually vote in a presidential election.

As well Lauter noted that they poll the same people every week so that it is less of a crap shoot. So that they can see actual changes in peoples opinions versus changes in the people being polled. Which he believes is a better indication of the feelings and sentiments of voters in the general population.

Hillary Clinton have been within five to ten points of each other for a long time. Whomever wins the November election it is clear based on this poll and many others that it will likely be highly contested and very close.

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