From Latino Rebels: A landscape architecture company upset with illegal aliens affecting his livelihood blew up on ‘latino’ students at UC Berkeley who wanted to visit his firm. It sounds like illegal immigration is destroying the livelihoods of Americans who do in fact do these jobs that ‘no Americans would ever want to do’

And before anyone jumps to conclusions, due note the owner is of Hispanic/African decent

This week on Facebook, Vanessa Hernández Juárez, a member of UCal Berkeley’sChican@/Latin@ Architecture Student Association, posted an email exchange she had with Sachi Landscape, a local Berkeley company. Here’s the email exchange:


[pull_quote_center]Are you joking? Go ask a Latino based org. I am not interested in assisting anyone from a Latino based org. Its racist to even ask and frankly my business has [been] ruined by fucking illegal immigrants. Are we clear! Don’t ever email this address again. If there weren’t so many damn illegal immigrants in this state, i would have work for myself. Now piss off![/pull_quote_center]

According to Hernández Juárez, she is working with her counselor to see draft a letter of support with faculty. She also posted that they “are looking for legal ramifications towards this company and therefore ask everyone that as of now not engage with the company.”

The owner of Sachi Landscape is Shale Well. We emailed the Sachi account this morning for comment, but have yet to receive a response.

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