Larry The Cable Guy To Hillary: You’ll BE The END of Our Country!

Blue Collar comedian, Larry the Cable Guy, took a trip to Fox and Friends and told them outright that Hillary will be the end of our country!

Larry went on a heated rant and dove headfirst into numerous topics and you can tell exactly who he is not voting for.


Fox News – “I know who I’m not voting for. I’ll give you the initials… Hillary Clinton,” Larry said. “Hillary will be the end of the country. That’s all I got to say.”

He added that he’s noticed how divided the country is and how uncivil many people are this particular election cycle.

He explained that if someone says they agree with some of the things Trump says, they’re immediately criticized and deemed a “racist.”

Larry also weighed in on the controversy surrounding San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who refused to stand during the national anthem in protest of America’s “oppression” of African Americans.

Larry pointed out Kaepernick had lost his starting job and was recently relegated to second and third string.

“You think he’d be sick of sitting and he’d have to stand for something every now and then,” Larry quipped.

Larry CRUSHED Kaepernick! He’s right! He’s been sitting on the bench for so long that he might want to stand up once in a while! BOOM! Larry dropped the mic!

Larry also pointed out that people on the left call other people racist just for agreeing with something that Trump wants.

Well Donald Trump wants lower taxes, so does that mean everyone who agrees with Trump’s lower tax plan, that we’re all racist?

No. Because that’s typical dummy democrat logic.

Let’s remind everyone that Donald Trump is not actually a racist, like the leftists like to pander to the minorities in hopes to gain votes for a sea hag.

Trump has been around for how many years and was not ever once called a racist. If he was a bigot, then we would’ve learned about it many years ago.

Ironic that Trump gets called racist as soon as Hillary fears she’ll lose.

Typical democrat self defense mechanism is to call everyone who disagrees with you racist.

Larry the Cable Guy crushed it. Great job!

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