After the St. Louis County grand jury decision, the suburb of Ferguson erupted in renewed protests, riots, looting, and arson.

Around two dozen small businesses in Ferguson ended up burning down.

Police and firefighters were unable to adequately address the flames, due to numerous incidents of “shots fired”, which prevented them from getting close enough to the infernos to put them out.

Black conservative Larry Elder addressed this tragedy on Twitter and his own website, seemingly placing the blame right where it belongs, with notorious race baiter Al Sharpton.

Elder is correct in placing at least some of the blame for the insane destruction of Ferguson on Al Sharpton, who has been in and out of the community since the incident between Officer Wilson and Mike Brown first occurred during the summer.


Sharpton has been exceptionally vocal in his race baiting and pot stirring in Ferguson, and bears responsibility for amping up the reaction of protestors to the grand jury decision.

The ironic position of Al Sharpton, who decries the “lack of opportunity” faced by minority business owners, while simultaneously encouraging crowds of rioters to loot and burn small businesses owned by minorities, is duly noted by Elder.

Al Sharpton is also one of the organizers responsible for the numerous Ferguson solidarity protests that have occurred in major cities nationwide, which have resulted in other incidents of looting and arson, along with disruptions of small businesses and major traffic arteries.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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