Larry The Cable Guy Went On TV To Give An Urgent Warning To Americans About Hillary—MUST WATCH!

Have you ever watched Larry the Cable Guy? He’s America’s conservative comedian. So when he went on Fox News everyone expected to laugh but they didn’t expect him to get so serious. He starts out with a cute gag about how Americans are so cheap saying,”I put a couch on the curb with a sign ‘Free to Take’ and it sits there for 2 weeks. I put a sign on it for sale $2,500 bucks somebody stole it that night.”

When asked by Fox and Friends who he’s supporting for the election he responds that he’s a Trump man/Gary Johnson man. He said his choice is “Do I want to poop my pants or do I want someone else to poop my pants”. He said nobody is civil and if you say you like a candidate everyone wants to fight with you and call you a racist.

“I know who I’m not voting for. I’ll give you the initials… Hillary Clinton,” Larry said. “Hillary will be the end of the country. That’s all I got to say.”

They also asked Larry to discuss the controversy around San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the asshat who refused to stand during the national anthem in protest of America’s “oppression” of African Americans. Larry noted that Kaepernick is now playing third string instead of starting and then threw out one of his great quips,”You think he’d be sick of sitting and he’d have to stand for something every now and then.”

WATCH the whole VIDEO here:

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