No More Car CHASES, This New “Lasso” For Cop Cars Is The Criminals WORST Nightmare (VIDEO)

Thinking about getting in a high speed car chase with the police? Think you can outrun them and not be on that episode of COPS?

Think again!

Cops are experimenting with a new system that grapples the tire of a getaway car, wraps it up, and helps slow the car down so it has to stop. The theory is that this will help stop car chases before they cause too much chaos and make it easier for cops to stop the crooks in their tracks.

Watch the video, then stick around for the commentary.

This looks like something from a Transformers movie closing in on the attack. I think if I just robbed a bank and was cruising down the highway in an 89 Chevy getaway mobile, that I would FREAK OUT if I saw a robotic looking cop car approach me with this crafty extending net that spider-webs my tire and forces me to stop. And of course, after that a foot chase under the lights of a helicopter and an epic viral video for me to watch while in prison.

Regardless, this grappling bumper tire-jammer-stopper tool might be helpful once or twice on a getaway car driving 35 in a 50.

But in all honesty, it looks rather stupid and if I was a cop, then I would absolutely not use this danger invoking nonsense in my hot pursuit of a perpetrator on the loose.

Works once, but then there’s that time when a guy loses control and drives off a bridge and nearly pulls the police car with him.

Or until an officer tries using this on a big truck that has super strong tires and swings the cop car into a crowd of liberals eating lunch outside in their skinny jeans.

Or until a criminal slams his breaks and the cop car slams into the back of them, flipping over and landing on the criminal’s car, then exploding and everyone is lost.

While this LOOKS like a good idea and it certainly is cool to experiment with ways to catch the bad guy and make cool cop toys – I have to say it also looks stupid and it’s bound to fail.

You should not ATTACH yourself to the criminals moving vehicle. Does anyone else think this looks full blow Charlie Sheen aids stupid?


Something bad will happen and the whole concept will get scratched.

Get excited now, but remember there’s nothing better than a good car chase and hitting the back side of a bumper and sending the bad guy into a spin-out.

Why the hell would you attach yourself TO the car of a criminal in a high speed chase?

Yeah….great idea…said five people ever.

Looks cool, but no thanks.

Criminal’s worst nightmare? More like cop’s worst nightmare!

If I’m a cop and I get that close to the criminal, then I’m shooting them or flipping their car the old school way, not ATTACHING myself to an unguided missile who might wrap me around a tree or throw me into a river.

How does the lasso stop a tank?

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