The Last Tweet Of A Police Officer Killed In Dallas Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes


The 4th of July is always a great celebration for America, but what it’s not supposed to be is a reminder that your co-worker, friend, and family member died protecting Black Lives Matter protesters in Dallas while a sniper shot wildly at police officers.

Meet Patrick Zamarippa, a 32-year-old survivor of three bloody tours in Iraq. He finally came home and carried on his mission to protect and serve by becoming a police officer. You might think, if Patrick can handle Iraq, then Dallas should be a shot in the dark, a piece of cake, like doing paper work at the office.

Patrick Zamarripa 2

But July 7 marked the date of his last breath. Patrick died helping others escape the chaos and trying to fix a broken situation in which lunatics with guns were shooting into a crowd, trying their best to take out police officers, but also hitting other people in the mean time. One of the other people killed was a mother of four. Her life mattered to her kids, but not to the selfish shooter who lacks an educated agenda.

Patrick lost his life as a result of the mainstream media, leftists, democrats, and liberals calling everything and anything racist. Out of the three cop shootings that recently happened, none of them were race related. But you’ll read headlines such as “white cop pulls over black man, shoots him for busted tail light.” Or you’ll hear “white cop shoots black man for selling CDs.” What about the 19 year old? He was white and unarmed, so he doesn’t matter. Unarmed white kids getting shot doesn’t make a good headline. It doesn’t travel on Facebook or Twitter like a wildfire. But once the mainstream media and absurd leftists pull the race card, then it’s like an avalanche of fire pouring down a mountain doused in gasoline.

And guess what – it’s all fabricated nonsense, but people don’t want to look at the facts.

Philando Castile did not stop reaching near his gun. The officer asked him numerous times to stop reaching, but Castile didn’t listen. What would have been a simple ticket or “hey, go get that tail light fixed” turned into a blood bath in a passenger seat. He had 55 traffic violations on his record. He should’ve known after the previous 55 that he shouldn’t be in a car with a gun if it has a broken tail light.

Alton Sterling, a sex offender with a wrap sheet longer than 50 successive Slim Jims, was told to get on the ground. Sterling didn’t listen to police. Sterling reached for the gun in his right pocket. Sterling got shot. What could have been a “why did you point the gun at the homeless man” and “I did it because he threatened me or wouldn’t leave me alone” turned into a blood bath on the streets in front of a store.

Dylan Noble, no clue what his story is because he’s white and the mainstream media doesn’t care about the kid. Maybe he had mental health issues. I have no idea. He’s dead because he wouldn’t listen to officers and he acted like he was pulling a gun from his pants or shirt. He committed suicide by police.

Patrick Zamarripa

Patrick Zamarripa died for two armed men who were non-compliant to officers and an unknown kid who was also non-compliant and acted armed. If the mainstream media cared about him, then we would know.

Patrick’s last tweet was a patriotic thank you and expression of love for his country. The same sad country that took his life in support for a few losers who couldn’t figure out how to listen to police.

Patrick died protecting black lives, but that didn’t matter, did it? Let’s rephrase that – Patrick died protecting lives. It shouldn’t matter if he protected black lives or white lives because they all matter.

Not everything has to be about race. We’re human together and our color doesn’t matter. Don’t let the mainstream media trick you with their race cards.

Patrick died protecting LIVES, even lives of the people who hated him.

It’s time that we stop making everything a color issue.

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