SWEET VENGEANCE! Laura Ingraham Just Got Ultimate Revenge On Tim Kaine — His Career Will Be FINISHED!

Most of the recent political rumors that have circulated about potential races recently have centered around the Clintons. Shortly after Hillary’s loss to Donald Trump, it was reported that Hillary was allegedly planning a run for mayor of New York City. It could make sense, given that she received nearly 80 percent of the vote in that city, and due to the fact that current Mayor Bill de Blasio is wildly unpopular even among the liberals of NYC. Those rumors returned in early January, but were shot down by a Clinton aide who said she’d never be running for anything ever again.

There are also rumors that Chelsea Clinton is being groomed for a congressional run. We can pray those rumors are equally unsubstantiated, but in the meantime, the latest center of attention from the rumor mill is a more familiar face: Laura Ingraham. And guess whose seat is at stake.

As the Daily Mail reported:

Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham is thinking about challenging Tim Kaine for his U.S. Senate seat, she confirmed Tuesday Morning.

Kaine was Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton‘s running mate last year. He will have to marshal his political forces for a 2018 re-election fight, just two years after the crushing defeat in the 2016 White House race.

In the era of Donald Trump, a broadcast entertainer who rose improbably to the White House, a source close to Ingraham told DailyMail.com that she ‘could be the next big thing, and then of course the floodgates might open mightily for political runs by other big-audience broadcasters – most of whom are on the political right.’

‘I’m considering it. Yeah. Yep,’ Ingraham told ‘Fox & Friends,’ chuckling as she answered her first point-blank question about the rumor about her political ambitions, which first leaked Monday.

It’s hard to have watched the vice presidential debate between Kaine and Pence and not have left with a disdain for the man. It’ll be a pleasure watching Ingraham unseat him.

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