New Law Sentencing Anyone Who Kills A Police Officer To Death

Bo Dietl is a 2017 NYC Mayoral Candidate and former NYPD Detective who thinks cop killers should be put up for execution.

I agree and disagree.

I agree because anyone who is brazenly stupid enough to fight with police and murder an officer should be put down like a rabid dog. They have no respect for life – not for their own or another. Do we really need them on this planet? Not really. What do they contribute to society? Nothing.

I disagree because execution is an easy out. Some criminals want to be murdered, which is why there’s a death by suicide action where criminals purposely get themselves shot by police. It’s real. It happens. It’s mentally unstable people trying to find a way out because they’re unable to do it themselves.

There’s another problem that lies with the instant execution of criminals and that’s if the system accidentally gives an innocent person the lethal injection.

The courts would need to prove that the person they believe committed the murder of a police officer is 100% the person responsible for the crime. That means DNA, confessions, video, anything possible and needed to ensure that our system does not ever execute the wrong person.

Since criminals generally kill cops with firearms, then this is basically a case where people need witnesses, forensics, and hopefully video to fully confirm that the murderer is the correct person.

I can’t imagine what it would be like for the American justice system to accidentally execute the wrong person.

The impact that would have on our society would be insanity.

After the cop killer is put through every possible investigative scenario and it is deemed that they are 100% guilty, then sure – fry em up like eggs on desert sand and don’t give them a last meal.

But is that too easy of a way out? What about the ol’ torture method? Why not make cop killers live forever in prison, no chance to get out, and they sit in solitary confinement until they kill themselves or pass away. No interaction with other inmates, because we all know how that goes. People make a life in prison. They get drugs, college degrees, conjugal visits – it’s like they’re at an all male college, but won’t ever graduate or need to get a job.

That’s too much fun.

Solitary confinement, no entertainment, no visitors – nothing. Ever. Just a room with a toilet for the rest of their lives.


So what.

Oh screw it, add weekly waterboarding and medical testing too. I don’t like rats being used in science labs, so let’s use the cop killers as lab rats. At least we get something out of it.

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