Lead Investigator in Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Quits After Being Caught With Prostitute


It seems the Secret Service lately can’t get back off the mat from the horrific beating it has taken over the last several months in various matches.

This week is no different, as it seems the lead investigator in the 2012 Secret Service prostitution scandal in Cartagena, Columbia, has himself been caught with a prostitute in the state of Florida.

The original mess involved 13 agents who headed off to Columbia, South America in preparations for the arrival of President Barack Obama’s trip in April 2012.

So far, nine of the officers involved in the scandal have left the agency after being forced to resign or retire.

Investigator David Neiland left the agency in August of his part in refusing to answer questions from a department inspector general about his involvement in the state of Florida and a prostitute.

Neiland is telling congressional staffers the he had been pressured to leave the agency due to the reports of the Secret Service scandal, saying in part ‘a volunteer from the White House had brought the prostitute into his room, not him.’

However, the congressional staffers and the White House have said that no evidence supported the allegations brought on by Neiland.

Officials had briefed Neiland after Broward County, Florida deputies saw him entering and leaving a building they had under surveillance in a prostitution investigation.

Deputies later interviewed a prostitute who identified Nieland in a photograph and said he had paid her for sex, essentially leaving Nieland’s alibi in the trash.

So far Nieland has not been charged for the offense. He said in an email that “the allegation is not true” and declined to answer any questions. He resigned Aug. 9, citing health problems, and later sent a tweet that his government career had ended.

A spokesman for the Homeland Security Department confirmed that Nieland had resigned and that officials had been notified about the incident in Florida.

Nieland, who headed the inspector general’s Miami office, help lead the Homeland Security Department’s investigation into how the Secret Service handled the South American scandal.

During a staff meeting involving the Senate Homeland Security subcommittee, Neiland said he had been asked to delete damaging information from the 65-page report issued in September 2012.

Neiland told the subcommittee that the administration asked for him to remove the information as it was potentially damaging ahead of the November elections.

When asked about the parts the administration wanted deleted, Neiland told the committee that a volunteer member of the White House advance team in Cartagena had a prostitute in his room. It was later reported that Neiland’s claim was in fact true but the White House has denied any intervention in the reports claims.

Courtesy of Huffington Post via The Free Patriot 

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