LEAKED AUDIO: Barack & Michelle Call MALIA After Watching Her TWERK On Stage

Malia Obama has been in the media lately for her behavior and people have mixed opinions on it. She graduated high school this past spring and is taking a gap year before attending Harvard University. Her parents alma mater. She made headlines when she was caught dancing on stage at Lollapalooza when she lifted up her skirt. Now she made headlines again for reportedly smoking weed and having a picture taken while doing so.

Those who ardently despise the President have taken the harsher route. The unforgiving one in which they call the Obama’s failures as parents and label Malia as a promiscuous out of control barely adult. Others are more forgiving calling it the type of thing that kids her age do.

A parody video of the President is online that will give you some giggles. It’s a mock up of the President calling Malia with Michelle freaking out in the background. Disclaimer, it’s just a parody.

Watch a different video here,

Granted, President Obama is second on my political hate list with Hillary up there cemented at number one. However, kids are off limits. The media attacking her should be ashamed of themselves. She just was accepted into arguably the greatest university in the world and graduated high school at the top of her class. She has lived in the public eye with grace and dignity most people only dream of. LET HER LIVE.

It would be a rarity to find someone who hasn’t smoked at least one joint back in the day. Let’s make sure to remind ourself that let he who has no sin cast the first stone. Being in the public eye has responsibilities, yes. She showed poor judgment, yes. But she didn’t get an OUI, she didn’t hurt anyone, she’s not in the hospital. She’s doing the types of things that barely adults do.

Shes doing what other people her age are doing but she is just unfortunately under more scrutiny in the public eye. All of you who have kids, I bet 99% of your kids have done something similarly embarrassing at one point that has you shaking your heads. That doesn’t define who they are as a person.

Leave her alone.

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