Leaked Documents Exposes Horrible Muslims’ Plan for 2016…Just Like The Bible Told US

(Conservative Post ) Leaked Documents Exposes Horrible Muslims’ Plan for 2016…Just Like The Bible Told US

2015 was a bloody year in America for terrorism and for the world.

Americans are watching their president actively support and give aid to the enemy, even on American soil. 2016 will be many times more horrific if this exponential trend continues. In the name of peace, they will bring death and destruction and it is upon us.

It’s happening right where you live. Terrorists are all over the country, camped out in cells in every major city. Year 2015 was the worst year in the rise of Islamic State terrorists infiltrating the US.

Terrorists plots were discovered or thwarted continuously in 2015, happening every single month, and many were under reported by the mainstream media. However, what’s worse is the terror forecast for our homeland in 2016, and it’s enough to remind anyone versed in scripture of biblical prophecy.

According to FBI reports, terrorists are actively recruiting in all 50 states. Currently, the FBI is investigating over 900 different potential terror plots right here in the United States. Over 9,500 immigrants have their visas revoked over terrorist activity, but it gets worse. Their whereabouts in the U.S. are unknown. These are the stories and numbers we know about. What about all those terrorists and plots that have slipped through the cracks?


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