As you likely realized from watching Monday’s debate yourself, the moderator Lester Holt clearly favored Hillary, even if he wasn’t completely explicit in his bias. He interrupted Donald Trump fifty percent more than he interrupted Hillary, and never fact checked Hillary once, while trying to press Trump for allegedly lying when it came to his opposition to the Iraq War.

And you know why? Because the Hillary camp tried to pressure him to take her side.

Prior to last night’s debate, moderator Lester Holt was asked by Clinton’s campaign manager to fact check Donald Trump during the debate. He argued that if Trump got away with lying, Hillary would have to devote her own time to refuting Trump before making her own points.

I don’t doubt the Clinton campaign was implying that he fact check Trump – but not Hillary. Had he done that, he would’ve had plenty of subject material. He could’ve talked about Hillary’s lies during that debate about Iran being “weeks away” from having a nuclear weapon prior to the Iran deal, or the claim that she would make college debt free by making it tuition free, which ignores that half of college costs are not tuition (such as room & board, books, and other fees).

Clinton also denied her role in negotiation the Trans Pacific Partnership, lied about Trump’s tax returns (in claiming that he pays no Federal income tax), and various other economic misunderstandings (such as when she blamed the subprime mortgage crisis on tax cuts).

If you suspected that the debate was rigged, you were right. As TruthFeed reported:

Our friends at True Pundit reported a month ago that Hillary’s lawyers worked out a “sweet deal” for Clinton, guaranteeing she would not be asked “cross-examination”questions by the moderator.

At all.

This would allow Clinton, who cannot handle stressful questions, to memorize canned answers and rattle them off during the debate.

Here’s an expert from True Pundits report from late August:

This is EXACTLY what happened at Monday night’s debate.

Despite that, most online polls still showed that most people viewed The Donald to be the victor, while the mainstream media’s polls showed otherwise. How did they get such different results”? By manipulation of course. The CNN poll that showed Hillary to be the victor had a sample where 41% of respondents were Democrats, and only 26% were Republican. Think that might skew the numbers a bit? Of course – you know that, and so do they.

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