Leaked Email: Bill Clinton Is Still Having Affairs!

If Hillary wins the election, it will be the first time in American history that two spouses both served in the White House. And what a corrupt couple they are, haunted by countless scandals over decades.

Hillary can’t seem to go a month without being the subject of a Federal investigation. Right as the lengthy investigation into her use of a private email server concluded, another one pertaining to a completely unrelated scandal unfolded. Multiple FBI investigations are currently underway into the Clinton Foundation, as the Organization faces allegations of acting as a personal slush fund for the Clinton’s, and fueling “pay for play” behavior. Will she finally be jailed as a result from that investigation? I doubt it. If it results anything like the last FBI investigation into her, James Comey will read off all of the illegal things Hillary did…. and then inform us that there’s nothing he can do about it.

Much like her husband, Hillary doesn’t face any consequences for her actions. She’s probably still doing half the things she’s been cleared of, as she knows she can get away with it. Her husband is still up to his old tricks, though at least his come with much less consequences. As Conservative Outfitters reported:

A leaked email from Colin Powell alleges former president Bill Clinton is still having affairs. The former secretary of state sent the blunt email to Democratic donor Jeffrey Leads on July 26, 2014:

“I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect. A 70-year person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy,not [sic] transformational, with a husband still dicking bimbos at home (according to the NYP).”

After the news broke, the hashtag #DickingBimbos began trending on Twitter as millions were amused by Powell’s choice of words.


Other emails showed that Powell had warned the Clinton Camp against trying to scapegoat him for her use of a private email server, as Powell had used one under different circumstances.

If Hillary Clinton does win the election and take the White House, unless she wants a second Clinton sex scandal, she’s going to have to keep Bill on a leash.

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