LEAKED EMAIL: Clinton Campaign Chairman Podesta Wished San Bernardino Shooter Had Been White

More Wikileaks emails have exposed Campaign Director John Podesta of shady dealings. Specifically, one email shows his reaction to learning the ethnicity of the San Bernandino shooter who killed many in the recent terrorist attack. Podesta sent an email to Karen Finney who was a Clinton campaign spokeswoman and he expressed a sadness that the shooters name sounded Muslim. Instead he indicated that he preferred that the shooter had a whiter sounding name.

Because after all, the first thing we think about after American lives were taken in a senseless tragedy is the shooters ethnicity and how that’s bad for our campaign. Podesta was responding to Chris Hayes tweet with MSNBC. In the December 3rd email Podesta referred to Hayes and said,

“Better if a guy named Sayeed Farouk was reporting that a guy named Christopher Hayes was the shooter.”


Apparently reality and real life tragedy makes life difficult for Clinton staffers. Because that is what is most important when adversity and sadness strikes. What is convenient for them. This is what is most disgusting about the left. They have an agenda. The truth does not matter. It’s like the old saying, you want to enrage a conservative then lie to them but if you want to enrage a liberal then tell them the truth.

They want to try and allow the truth to get in the way of their agenda. And when something like the San Bernardino shooting happens it gets in the way of their agenda. For example, it makes it more difficult for them to encourage increasing the number of Muslim refugees coming into the United States. Which is part of their agenda and narrative. They give no care or mind to the senseless tragedy at hand all they care about is themselves. It is embarrassing and disgusting.

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