LEAKED EMAIL: Email To John Podesta, Hillary And Bill ‘Likely Criminal’


A striking email exposed from Wikileaks basically begs Podesta to ditch the Clinton’s on account of their history of being labeled as manipulative criminals. The email, sent by Joe Littlefield, describes the Clintons as “not honest” and simultaneously “most likely criminal” which doesn’t bode well for someone running for President of the United States.

Here’s an excerpt from the email from Joe Littlefield to John Podesta.



“John – you are loyal to a fault,” the email begins. “You represent a client that is not honest and is most likely criminal. Hillary and Bill are not worth trying to defend as they are manipulative and they use people. Not exactly presidential material.”

Your defense of them losses all credibility to those that admire you,” Littlefield continues. “I hope you can see truth, live it and not live a lie.”

How does this email make you feel?

If someone emailed you about another friend of yours, would you listen to it? What if that person pointed out extremely negative aspects of the said friend and those aspects made you look bad as well?

Now factor in that person they’re talking about is about to run for the President of the United States.

What do you do?

Do you distance yourself or keep going? If you distance yourself, do you lose networking connections and possible job advancements or alleyway deals?

People may jump on Podesta like he’s the crook, but imagine yourself in his shoes.

He’s in the worst possible position possible. Damned if he does associate with them, and damned if he doesn’t.

Then there’s people who say we shouldn’t read emails that were hacked, because hacking is illegal.

Just because it’s illegal doesn’t negate the fact that the emails happened.

That’s called being exposed and that doesn’t make things go away.

It makes things a little bit worse.

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