Leaked Email Just Revealed Hillary Kept Health DISASTER Secret for 7 years!

Yet another one of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails has been revealed. Her dirty back handed deeds become less and less shocking as time goes on. One email is between her and her staffer which was hidden within the new release sent out today by the State Department.

Michael Tracey who is a Vice Reporter initially reported on the bombshell email which raises major concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health yet again. The email specifically mentions a disaster in August of 2009 several years ago that went unreported. It was no small issue either.

The email was between Hillary Clinton’s infamous top aide Huma Abedin and State Department Staffer Doug Band. The email shows Doug asking Human where she is and the Secretary. Huma responded that they had a disaster. After the so called disaster Hillary Clinton took two months off the campaign trail and it was completly unexplained.

Leading up to this incident in 2009 she was having major medical episodes. In one email to Huma Clinton said she was not feeling well at all and needed to fly home to Westchester. Sidney Blumenthal whose a close Clinton friend sent an email telling her everyone was thinking of her and she hopes she gets better.

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Huma once sent out an email saying Clinton was out of commission for a whole week because she was not feeling well. Kevin O’Keefe once checked in with her via email to see if she was well enough to speak. Which indicates she was sick and was not taking phone calls.

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Hillary Clinton has tried making everyone feel crazy for questioning her health but her emails and those of her colleagues and associates speak for themselves. She was sick on numerous occasions and she continues to have health issues. Which is not the type of commander in chief that we want.

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