Leaked Emails Reveal Democrats Shamelessly Cheering The Loss Of Jobs In North Carolina

The hacked DNC emails have given us insight into how the Democrats really think.

Wanna take a guess what they’re cheering on in those emails? As one showed, they cheered on a loss of jobs in North Carolina. I imagine they really don’t ever want to let a crisis go to waste. Less people employed means more dependent on welfare, which is great for Democrats.

A culture of dependency may be unhealthy for a nation, but it’s healthy for the Democrat Party.

Via IJ Review

In response to North Carolina Democratic Party Comms Director Dave Miranda forwarding an email to the DNC regarding reports that the state had lost jobs and millions in revenue as a result of the passage of HB2, one DNC official replied, “Awesome.”

In another email, a DNC official wrote, “This is great – can we forward to our LGBT and National lists” in response to the same news about the revenue and job losses.

To (literally) add insult to injury was (now former) DNC staffer Pablo Manriquez’s bigoted slap at North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (bolded emphasis added):

After the rush, I’m going to send the 2nd half of this interview to Team Maddow. If there’s anything else we should add — especially within the realm of video content — about this moronic little bigot of a tarheel governor or the bathrooms they’re using to distract from their epic failings as human beings and party officials, let me know.

No idea who else on Comm_D would have relevant information for crafting a decent hit piece on the pro-prejudice backwater of the NC statehouse…but if you do, feel free to slack it to me! Thanks!

So why is McCrory a “moron”? Because he thinks that women and children should be able to maintain their safety and privacy in the bathroom. And he thinks that NC’s citizens deserve to suffer because of their State government’s actions.

Target took the most liberal response in reaction to the law, issuing a public statement that their customers could use whatever bathroom they want – and that backfired rather quickly. Over a million people signed a petition pledging to boycott their stores, and that’s just those who bothered to sign.

It’s pretty obvious what the American people think about the transgender bathroom debacle, and it doesn’t bode well for the Democrat Party that they were caught mocking people for losing their jobs over policies that most support.

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