Leaked Emails Show Facebook Exec Shared Research With Clinton Campaign

The Clinton campaign is almost synonymous with corruption. If it was not obvious before the it certainly was after the email release and hack of the Democratic National Convention showing the collusion between them and Hillary Clinton. It is once again after leaked emails show collusion between Facebook Chief Operatinng Officer Sheryl Sandberg and the Clinton campaign.

Sheryl Sandberg is a Hillary Clinton supporting. Her endorsement of her speaks for itself. Rumors indicate that should Hillary Clinton be elected president come November that she will tap Sandberg as Treasury Secretary. Because after all their is always a price on an endorsement that is high profile.

Back in March of 2015 last year Cheryl Mills who was a Clinton aide set up a meeting with Sheryl Sandberg and members of the Clinton campaign with the intention of sharing research information to help the Clinton campaign. Some of the people in that meeting include high profile campaign employees such as campaign manager John Podesta and chief campaign strategist Joel Benenson.

Collusion and corruption is nothing new to the Clinton’s. The same thing has gone down with the Clinton Foundation, during her email server controversy, her time as Secretary of State and more. She just does not know how to play fair. Which would indicate she is not as confident about winning as she appears if she feels she needs to dirty deal and cheat in order to win.

And if you have to do that to win you really deserve to win? The answer is no. She doesn’t deserve it, she is not good enough, and she should be in jail for all of her crimes. Corruption of which is the least of all the crimes she has committed. Hopefully everyone goes to the voting booth in a month to show that we will not accept this.

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