LEAKED: Manager Caught Giving Stunning News To Employees… Donald Trump Is Right AGAIN

via CT: A sickening video uploaded to YouTube earlier this week showed a manager at a Carrier manufacturing plant in Indianapolis condescendingly lecturing his employees about how laying them off and relocating the plant’s operations to Mexico would benefit Carrier’s parent company, United Technologies Corporation.

“Relocating our operations to Monterrey (the capital of Nuevo León in Mexico) will allow us to maintain high levels of product quality at competitive prices and continue to serve the extremely price-sensitive marketplace,” he could be heard spouting as the concerned workers booed and jeered.

Now think back to recent statements by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has for several months now warned that foreign nations like Mexico and China, to name a few, are “winning” the manufacturing war thanks to their low wages, their improved logistics and all the free-trade deals that the United States keeps backing.

his disturbing video proved that was he was right, as did the recent announcement by Ford that it planned to build a new assembly plant in Mexico — not America.

As President Barack Obama’s beloved workers’ unions keep pushing for higher wages, and as the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal signed by him goes into effect, news like this will become more and more commonplace.

This means that many more companies will likely follow Carrier and Ford’s lead and relocate their operations to Mexico and other such nations. And as this occurs, more Americans will wind up unemployed and perhaps even in the welfare line.

Something needs to change, and it needs to change fast. Candidate Donald Trump has argued that we need to provide American companies with more incentives to build and operate their facilities in the United States. He may very well have a point.

Here’s an interview with Trump talking trade with CNN’s Chris Cuomo in August.


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