Leaked Video Goes Viral – This Is Why Hillary Wasn’t Charged [VIDEO]

A video explaining why Hillary Clinton was never indicted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation is beginning to go viral after its internet release. When the news was initially announced the American public was justifiably so outraged.

A while back the Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey announced that Clinton would not be charged in connection with her use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State under President Obama. Despite the fact Comey himself admitted that Hillary Clinton’s handling classified emails with her private emails was careless.

The video shows different clips of Hillary Clinton at speaking engagements saying one thin while the FBI Director says something completely different. For example, she said she never sent or received classified emails. Even though the Director said over 100 were classified.

The video shows Clinton saying she gave all emails that were work related while the Director urged that over 30,000 emails were missing from the collection she had sent the Bureau. The Clinton family certainly has a strange relationship with the truth.

Director Comey said that hostile actors might have gained access to her emails and that she used more than one mobile device to access her email despite her protestations to the opposite. He even went as far to say that others who committed a similar if not identical act could face indictment and criminal charges.

Comey basically admitted that Hillary Clinton got off Scott free because she is Hillary Clinton. Had anyone else done what she did, especially a Republican, they would have been hung in the court of public opinion long ago.

Clinton’s behavior was and still is absolutely disgraceful. Their is no excuse for what she did yet she had an excuse for every question asked.

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