LEAKED VIDEO: Tense Meeting Between Clinton and Black Lives Matter

Hillary Clinton promises to continue the Obama legacy, and that includes his support for radical groups like Black Lives Matter.

There was on full display at the Democrat National Convention, when the mothers of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Sandra Bland were given a platform to speak. The theme of the day seemed to be the Democrat’s embrace of criminality – and was appropriately closed out by a speech by Bill Clinton that night. It was a starkcontrast with Donald Trump, who, at the GOP convention a week prior embraced a “law and order” message that is implicitly critical of Black Lives Matter.


Despite her pro-BLM statements, she’s been confronted by members of the group before, because even most liberals aren’t crazy enough for them.

Back in February, during a private fundraiser a Black Lives Matter activist took Hillary to task for comments she deemed to be racially loaded….. in the 1990s. On the otherhand, I guess it is refreshing to see an insane leftist call somebody besides Donald Trump a racist for once.

As Clinton spoke at the event, the activist, Ashley Williams, held a banner quoting a remark Clinton made about criminals back in 1996: “We have to bring them to heel.” After Clinton took notice, Williams confronted her with another quote: “We want you to apologize for mass incarceration… I am not a superpredator, Hillary Clinton.” Who was it assuming Hillary must’ve been referring to black people when she spoke of “superpredators”? Only people like this protestor, who see racism everywhere.

She had another confrontation with BLM protestors prior to that – but the video footage wasn’t released until today.

Via DennisMichaelLynch

A short cellphone video has resurfaced from a 2015 meeting between Hillary Clinton and members of the Black Lives Matter organization.

The video was posted in August 2015 by ABC7 News.

The man asked Clinton about a comment she made that “… what the Black Lives Matter movement needs to do to change white hearts….?”

Clinton interrupted him, saying, “No, I don’t believe you change hearts.  I believe you change laws, you change allocations of resources, you change the way systems operate.”

If you want things to change, you need to change hearts. Laws don’t change people’s hearts, and since that’s the case, why are they trying to solve their problems with them?

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