Leave No Man Behind? That Applies To Honorable Warriors


Barack Obama keeps repeating “We do not leave anyone behind”, after trading five terrorist for Bowe Bergdahl. What about American Citizens being held in prisons in Korea, Mexico and the Middle East?  Our Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Dougherty and Tyrone Woods all murdered in Benghazi Libya. Were they not left behind?  The Veterans who died while waiting for medical care at VA hospitals.  Were they not left behind?

Obama likes to talk and blame others for his errors. Yes his errors! Obama is the President, Commander in Chief, he is in charge! Anything that goes wrong he is responsible for it. Remember Democrats blamed George Bush for the lack of aid, in the after math of hurricane Katrina?   Why do Democrats not hold the same standards for Obama?

We deserve answers.  Will the News Media do their job and start hunting for them?  Will Congress do their job, investigate this matter, try, impeach and remove Obama from office if found guilty?  Will the Justice Department prosecute Obama for breaking the law? Will the Citizens of this Country demand the truth? I wish the answer was yes.

Did Obama aid and abet the Taliban? By giving them their Leaders back.  What will happen to Bowe Bergdahl? Will he be Court Martialed for desertion and assisting the Taliban?  Will Obama pardon Bergdahl?

We the People must stand up and demand the truth! We must demand all guilty be punished, and except no excuses.  It is up to you.

Written by contributor Paul Horvath

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