LEFT BEHIND – ‘Where Is Everyone?’ Greta Urges Media To Report On U.S. Vet Imprisoned In Iran (VIDEO)


From Marine Corps Times: A Marine veteran imprisoned in Iran has renounced his dual-citizenship with that country.

Amir Hekmati, an Iranian-American, former sergeant and veteran of the Iraq War, made the statement in a letter released by his family Tuesday. Iranian authorities arrested him while he visited relatives there more than three years ago and have held him ever since.

Initially charged with espionage — an accusation his family and U.S. authorities adamantly deny — Hekmati was sentenced to death. Iranian officials later changed the charges, but the one-time Marine has languished in one of the country’s most infamous prisons, and in reportedly deplorable conditions, while negotiations over his freedom continue.

Through his family, which lives stateside, he also has accused officials in Washington and Tehran of using him as a bargaining chip in ongoing talks about Iran’s nuclear program.

In a letter to the Iranian Interest Section in Washington, the closest thing the influential Middle East nation has to diplomatic relations with the U.S., Hekmati described his initial pride of his heritage and his shock at how his captors treated him. He recalls the painful moment when an Iranian authority described him as just “Iranian by name.”

“Hence it has become very clear to me that those responsible [for my imprisonment] view Iranian-Americans not as citizens or even human beings, but as bargaining chips and tools for propaganda,” Hekmati wrote. “Considering how little value the [Iranian] Ministry of Intelligence places on my Iranian citizenship and passport, I, too, place little value on them and inform you, effective immediately, that I formally renounce my Iranian citizenship and passport.”

Hekmati’s family, based in Michigan, released the letter along with more details about his captivity and a demand of deportation. According to them, he weathered 17 months of solitary confinement, was kept from sleep, has been cut off from his family and is fed little.

The more extreme charges accuse Iranian authorities of whipping his feet, using a Taser on him, filling him with lithium with the express purpose of forcing him to suffer withdrawals and shackling him in a three-by-three foot cell, according to a document released by a family spokesman.

They also allegedly lied to him about his mother dying in an automobile accident and made him watch other prisoners undergo torture, the document states. Meanwhile, his father — back in the U.S. — battles cancer.

Hekmati’s plight has drawn the attention of past and present Marines. Many veterans undertook a symbolic hunger strike to raise awareness of the imprisoned Iranian-American’s conditions late last year.

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