Leftist Media, SJ Mayor Justify Anti-trump Violence, Attack On Woman (VIDEO)

This is despicable on every damn level. Why is our side allowing this to happen? Start standing up and fighting back. No matter if you are not Trump fan..

This violence on the people is not okay. And anyone that approves this is sick in the head. I’m not okay with seeing my people being beat on by paid leftist thugs from Mexico.

Unfortunately..this is only the beginning with this stuff. Get ready America.

From InfoWars

While some condemned the wave of violence carried out by anti-Trump agitators in San Jose yesterday, segments of the leftist media justified the carnage, even going so far as to blame a woman who was surrounded and assaulted by vicious Mexican flag-waving thugs.

CNN reporter Sara Murray claimed that the woman had “taunted” the mob, although video footage shows little other than the woman expressing her pride in being a Trump supporter before being pelted with eggs and bottles.

Murray seemed to be a little embarrassed by her tweet, later going to lengths to point out that anti-Trump agitators were attacking people who did not antagonize them in any way.

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